JiangSu Research Basement of Overseas Chinese Affairs Theory under Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Of the State Council was a Province-and-Department co-building one, established in January 2013, which is superintended by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and constructed with joint efforts of JiangSu Province and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office. 

  There are two subordinate bodies, namely Academic Council and Overseas Chinese Study Center under the JiangSu Research Basement, composed of more than 20 scholars and experts focusing on Overseas Chinese and Sino-Foreign relationship. According to the policy guidance of “Based on JiangSu Province and Facing the nation”, Jiangsu Basement establishes extensive connection with the practitioner concerned with overseas Chinese affairs and scholars and experts at home and abroad who engage in overseas-Chinese-affairs study and history of overseas Chinese, and all academic staffs of the Basement devote themselves to the study of Chinese overseas who lives in Australia and oceanic countries, British commonwealth of nations and the countries surrounding China and that of countermeasure study related to practical problems in the overseas Chinese affairs of JiangSu Province.

  In last years the Basement’s research fellows have hosted more than 20 research projects funded by National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science,Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Of the State Council and the other departments under the State Council, which includes the project “Study of Australia’s Asian-immigration policy and the Asian Immigrants” funded by National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, the ones “Study Of JiangSu History of Overseas Chinese” , “Study of Integration and Identity of Overseas Chinese in Central Asia” and “Study of British Immigration Policy and New Overseas Chinese” funded by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Of the State Council, the one “Study of Acculturation, Identities and Social Organizations of Minority Overseas Chinese” funded by State Ethnic Affairs Commission, the one “Study of Australia’s Immigration Policy on Chinese and New Overseas Chinese” funded by Minister of Education of PRC and the one “General History of Overseas Chinese in Oceania” funded by All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, etc. Besides these, JiangSu Research Basement publishes an academic journal called as Overseas Chinese Studies and had undertaken the senior forums of overseas Chinese affairs for many times and supplied some valuable reference comments for the national and local departments concerned with overseas Chinese affairs, as has been commented for several times by some related leadership departments, such as the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Of the State Council.



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